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Samira Petersen, Founder of Drops By Samira
She dared to take the leap and create her own business. And not just any business. A business where she could get to do something she loves while creating high quality products for her customers, and change the way we see sweets and hard candy. 


In our series about Cool Copenhageners, we invite you to meet interesting people from Mermaid Stories' hometown who tell us their stories and let us take a glimpse on their work. This story is about a woman who has created a business out a life-long passion for delicious hard candy or "drops" that don't just taste good for the first few seconds, but keep the taste because of the high quality ingredients they are made of. And of course a lot of love!

We visited Samira in her office and production facility a little outside of Copenhagen for a talk about her products, her journey from full-time nurse to Drops-creator and her inspirations to do what she loves.  



Where did the idea for Drops By Samira come from? Why did you want to make drops and not other types of candy? 

In a way, Drops has always been a part of me. Since I was a little girl my grandmother taught me to appreciate good quality ingredients and the wonderful feeling of homemade food. No matter if it is food, cake or drops, she taught me to love and respect the ingredients.

I fell in love with drops because for me it was a space where I could be creative and experiment. And when I gave it away I always made people excited, and that meant a lot to me and actually still does.


DropsBySamira interview by Mermaid Stories

The oh-so-pretty boxes that the delicious Drops By Samira come in.


How long did it take you to get to the final drop recipe for the first variant when you started out? 

One of the easy things for me, when I started, was to create the recipe. I knew what I wanted, but the challenge was to get the ingredients. I want Drops to be dynamic and therefore I both develop my current recipes and new exciting products.


You went from being a full time nurse to becoming your own boss at Drops By Samira. It must have been a huge step! Can you tell us about the journey?

It has been crazy! I had never dreamt of my own company, my dream was just to proof that drops can be much more than sugar with a taste. So, from that to becoming my own boss, has been as scaring as challenging.


DropsBySamira interview by Mermaid Stories

Samira's drop "Confident" with the taste of salty liquorice and sweet raspberry. 


What is the best and worst part of being your own boss? 

The best is the way I felt when I was young about having a space where I could be creative - which I still feel. Maybe on a bigger scene. The worst are the downs that go hand in hand with the ups. The sleepless nights and worries, but it in some way always turns around to something positive at some point.


You describe Drops as quality ingredients, dedicated craftsmanship and passionate flavor. Can you elaborate on that? 

All three are keywords for me. It was not easy to get the ingredients home and I’m so proud of them. The keywords remind me of what Drops really is about and what I always will fight for. 


You use fine and natural ingredients. Why is this so important for you?

It has always been. It was part of my childhood, and I feel that there are too many bad options. So, for me, when you “sin” at least it should be quality and natural.


Drops production by DropsBySamira. Interview by Mermaid Stories 
The production of the drop "Unique". They are handcrafted and sorted manually to make sure they are all perfect and ready to eat.  

Production of DropsBySamira. Interview by Mermaid Stories 

What is the biggest compliment about Drops that you have heard?

When the first couple of high-end retailers said "yes" to selling my Drops, I started crying. It was my husband who visited them, and when he called I had the craziest feeling inside my body. I felt like an explosion of happiness. I got a lot of compliments on my visuals, but that it actually was on a scene where people were ready to buy my Drops was really the biggest compliment. 


When a boy said that I made his life better it moved me a lot that I can create so strong feelings in other people.


Can you name a few things that have surprised to hear or learn from your customers?

I’m a very sensitive person and especially regarding Drops. I have two wonderful children, but in a way, I feel like my Drops are my children. I naturally respect that we are all different, but my ambition is to get everybody to understand me. Not necessarily that everybody will like them. But when a boy said I made his life better it moved me a lot, that I can create so strong feelings in other people.  


Are there any new flavors on the way?

YES! I almost can't wait to show everybody what I created. It is going to be as revolutionary as Drops was when it got out. Get ready... 


DropsBySamira, interview by Mermaid Stories


This might be a forbidden question, but do you have a favorite among the different Drops?

That is unfair! Each Drop has a name. That name represents a feeling I got when I created them. They all mean a lot to me and I would hate to see one of them not being there anymore.


Your visual expression is very clean, minimalistic and exclusive. How did you end up with this design for your brand?

I tried a lot of things. Each time I ended up coming back to the style you describe. It is just me. It is what I like and what I would seek in a quality product.


You are in Tivoli for their Christmas opening period (until end of December). Since you do not have a store of your own, how is it to get so close to your customers?

It means everything to me. I really look forward to getting a chance to let them know my dreams one-on-one. And to get the true opinion right there means a lot to me, and no matter which kind of critics it is, it always makes me motivated to do even better.

I love to see the surprise in people’s face, when they go from “just sugar” to understanding what I created.


DropsBySamira Christmas wrapping. Interview by Mermaid Stories

The Christmas-edition packaging from Drops By Samira.

We are always looking for new sources of inspiration – can you recommend three Instagram accounts that inspire you?

That was hard… I have a lot on my mind, but if I have to choose three, it must be:


Thank you so much for letting us into your delicious world, and merry Christmas, Samira!


➸ You want to try out what we have talked about? DropsBySamira has a shop in Tivoli Copenhagen this Christmas, so you can go visit them yourself! You can also see much more on Drops By Samira's Instagram page

Drops By Samira instagram. Interview by Mermaid Stories.


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Interview and Photos by Mermaid Stories


December 16, 2017 af Mermaid Stories